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We have current approvals for a wide range of services in the industry.

Catalyst Handling

We are the only Kuwaiti company to specialise in catalyst handling services. Our highly-skilled workforce is primed to provide a wide range of catalyst handling solutions. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and commitment to safety, which maximises your plant’s productivity, protects your reputation and keeps your people safe. Our multi-skilled team can:

  • Undertake hauling, heavy lifting and bulk handling for the transfer of catalysts betweengrade to reactor manway using various loading systems.
  • Load and unload catalysts within both inert and normal atmospheres.
  • Conduct catalyst loading of reactors using a range of efficient and compliant techniques.
  • Conduct reactor cooling using nitrogencirculation (liquid nitrogen system).
  • Service reactors in both hot and hostile conditions as well as both inert and toxic atmospheres.
  • Undertake all materials reclamation and disposal/dumping projects.
  • Conduct skimming and screening for sample and particle measurement.

General Services / International Associates Representation

Our general services include equipment and materials handling that supports our customer’s logistical operations. We maintain supply chain sustainability by reducing your inventory, shortening delivery times and lowering handling costs. We manage forecasting, resource allocation, production planning, flow and process management, inventory management, and control and delivery. Ratqa can ensure the protection, storage, movement and control of products and materials throughout the manufacturing cycle.

Vacuum Services

At Ratqa, we have the knowledge and expertise to clean plants and vessels without disrupting production because we know how important it is that you maintain your operations. We offer expert online and offline vacuum spillage clean-up and vessel emptying services. Our HGV-mounted high-powered airflow vacuum is capable of sucking or blowing both hazardous and non-hazardous materials from vessels, sumps, tanks and silos. We also offer vacuum tinkering for the safe and efficient transport of waste, as well as combi-jetting and suction services to manage a range of problems that require drain clearance in pipeline systems. During shutdown, our offline vessel cleaning system can remove all solids and liquids and offers rapid degassing of vessels. We’re committed to carrying out all vessel cleaning during production or within the time it takes to prepare for man entry cleaning.

Access Services

Our access services keep our customer’s operations moving. Ratqa’s personnel supply and erect conventional steel scaffold and aluminium access systems for the transportation of heavy loads throughout sites and at any stage of your project.

Emergency Rescue Services

Ratqa values the people that drive our customer’s projects. So we handle their rescue needs with the utmost urgency. We are the only Kuwaiti-owned and run provider of rescue services to oil refineries in the region. Whether your operations are offshore or onshore, our experts are primed to keep you and your people safe. Our fully trained, fully certified and fully equipped Emergency Rescue Teams are on call and ready to respond 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.


High pressure and other cleaning services are an essential feature of responsible plant maintenance. Hydrojetting is the ideal solution for the removal of general deposits and coatings, as well as for the preparation of surfaces. It causes no secondary damage, profiling or contamination, making it a superior choice for sustainable systems management when compared to traditional shot and grit blasting. Our advanced technology uses 4,000 psi sprays to clear pipes and remove internal blockages, as well as clean the internal and external surfaces of process plant heat exchangers. It is ideal for the quick break-up and removal of solid masses and spillages.

Maintenance(Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation Maintenance Services)

We’re here to meet a wide range of plant maintenance needs. Ratqa supplies fully-qualified, trained and experienced mechanical, electrical, and instrument and control technicians. Our personnel can handle a wide range of maintenance tasks, including the upkeep of valves, pumps and transmission systems, high-voltage power generation and distribution systems, control systems and other industry-specific electrical equipment, as well as risk management and maintenance works on flow measurement, pressure and temperature systems. Ratqa also provides services for the effective operation and maintenance of sludge handling. For a complete breakdown of our plant maintenance services, please contact our team.


Ratqa offers reliable and efficient industrial painting and sandblasting services to refineries throughout Kuwait. Regardless of the size of your project, we have the equipment and personnel to meet your needs. We take the protection of your equipment seriously and use only the highest quality instruments and materials to prevent rust and corrosion from damaging your plant’s assets.

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